My First 4 Weeks of Blogging

Since last month’s Earth Day launch, I have been learning about the blogging process. Writing had been something that I always wanted to try, and thought I might pursue if I had to switch careers. If only I was a natural at it.

First of all, I want to thank everyone subscribed for bearing with us through a rough start. Mail Chimp has taken me a little more trial and error than I like. Fortunately, I have a friend that understands the kinds of special coding used in subscription blog sharing. My goal is simply to keep refining the experience a little each week! Any ideas (appreciated)?

Is writing to you what I thought it would be? Yes it is, and it is more. This is a place to untwist ideas and construct a paradigm for you to experience in your own mind's eye. I also admit that the time I spend alone with my computer is a little for me too. 

Right now life is running over the spillway. I get up in the morning twice a week and park myself in a quiet corner upstairs at our neighborhood YMCA. Then, I workout before heading back to the house, and into the office.

On alternate days I feed our toddler twins breakfast, which involves lots of made up singing and pancake flipping. It can be a tough crowd, and the singing is not often optional. Either way, I get an early morning workout! 

Professionally, I am blessed to serve as the Staff Architect for the Oklahoma Main Street Program. My service to our state's downtown places and their residents has been growing my heart for this work since 2011. I love what I do!

In addition to full-time employment, I have been freelancing since I graduated. I have always enjoyed working directly with a Client. In truth, I just did not feel fully legit until I committed to building this site, and putting my skin in the game.

Now, 2-years since the first tickles, to a concept, to a successful launch -  I don’t plan to look back. So glad to have a place to share!

I will definitely keep you posted with interesting happenings or insights that I learn on Main Street, as well as the design work in the Lucas Sustainable studio. Be looking for this to happen soon, in a Monday segment I plan to call “Field Notes”. 

I may also use Monday to answer detailed questions from the blog. This past week a reader had some questions that I wanted to post on today, but time did not allow the research I needed. I didn't forget about you Mary. Look to hear from me with this on Monday! 

Thank you again for reading, and commenting on the posts.