Green Architecture

You may think that you know green architecture when you see it, but you might be wrong. I hope to expand your thinking. Sometimes the “image” surpasses reality, and the ultra-modern and high-tech costs us more, both environmentally and financially, than simple, old-school rationale. 

The truth is we need both new and old, and they need to work together. Existing buildings can be upgraded with modern materials and technology, and new construction can follow time-tested traditions. The trick is to know when to apply these principles, in your unique situation. 

Look Back & Move Forward

Green architecture must be first consider the past, and look roots of your area’s vernacular style and it’s historic architecture. Why? Before mass industrialization, electricity, and air-conditioning, buildings were built from renewable, locally-sourced materials, and designed to be naturally comfortable.

Using these strategies, along with our best modern technologies will yield the most energy efficient, and stylistically appropriate design in any location.

Whole Building Design

Green architecture goes way beyond designing for efficiency, aesthetics, or first cost. It is important to consider buildings and their surrounding ecology as a whole.

The whole building design approach begins with a high-level view of your building's context. Along local building traditions, we must consider the building site, available infrastructure, local climate, occupant needs, and budget.

Whole building design examines a building as if it were a single, living organism. Working with an integrated team of professionals, architects assess how each building system can be optimized for efficiency, health, and delight over the life-cycle of the building.

Your Living Footprint

What fits your needs? Do you want to move back into town or live off the grid? Do you see yourself retrofitting an existing property that you love, or building a new home that is just right? My goal is to help you become more conscious today, live fuller lives, and leave a better world for generations to come.

Green Heart Town

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