Sustainable Design & Community Development

“When we build, let us think we build forever.” John Ruskin's words inspire us to leave a legacy to future generations through the story of our places. In our communities, we all play a role in creating better places to live, work and play.  

At Lucas Sustainable, we work at the crossroads of high-performance green architecture, sustainable planning, and historic preservation. Let us partner with you to build legacy in your home, neighborhood, or downtown. By becoming a little more conscious today, we can all build a better tomorrow. 


Green architecture is the foundation of our work. It is healthy, efficient, resilient and leaves a lighter footprint on our world.

Our formula for high-performance green building and renovation synthesizes local building traditions, site context, climate, and occupant lifestyle, with life-cycle energy and maintenance requirements. Living in a green home can change your outlook on the surrounding world.


Sustainable planning comes through understanding and respecting the history of a place, before thoughtfully considering its future.

New or old, a vibrant communities should be authentic, cohesive and full of life. We love creating places that merge ecology with living and neighborhoods that put people into closer relationships with one another.


Sustainable design is not only for new construction; as a matter of fact, our greenest buildings are already built.

Historic properties are our towns' greatest assets. They are hallmarks of resilient design, and have great stories to tell. Adaptive reuse and energy efficiency retrofits can provide an excellent return on investment, and provide a new chapter in their story.

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Interested in learning more about sustainable design for your home, neighborhood, or downtown? Lucas Sustainable advises on select projects that create legacy for our next generation. With the right approach Green Architecture is something we can all enjoy today, through energy upgrades, green remodeling, or a new high-performance home. Outside the home, Sustainable Planning & Green Development begins at the neighborhood level, while in concert with smart community policy. Our downtown historic districts are especially important and Historic Preservation can restore their vitality. Please send us message from the Contact page, and subscribe to the blog to get the latest updates.

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— Larry Lucas