Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Last night, I realized that I wasn't going to make it through the Holidays. After nearly 8 months of blogging, I had fallen short, publishing last week's post on Quality Infill Development two days late. This week looked like it would be similarly disappointing, but I then I had a great idea.

I am planning to take off a few weeks from posting. Time is at a premium and it's ultra-busy around our homes this time of year, so I hope you will appreciate the short break for your inbox too.

Absence Makes (Green) Hearts Grown Stronger

Over the holidays I will not be posting but I will be writing. In addition to roughing in some upcoming posts, I need to spend some time updating the website and planning the direction of our future content.

1 Quick Favor

I appreciate you being a part of this online community, and I would love to hear your ideas! What topics in the realms of Home, Neighborhood, and Downtown would you like to dive into in 2018? Would you take a few moments and share the first idea(s) that comes to mind? Please add comments below. 

Your input is important, and will help me steer this ship a little better for all of us. 

See You Next Year!

From my family to yours we wish you every happiness in the year ahead. 

Warm Regards,